The Blacksmith-Labs Leather Holster Construction

Design and Prototyping

As with most designs, the initial process begins with hand drawn ideas, shapes, and lines that follow our design philosophy.  When the design is finishes, we transform the design into a CAD drawing.  Prior to leather die mold creation, our products are first prototyped from paper molds in order to achieve perfect alignment and shapes.  It takes many revisions to get everything right, from hand stitch alignment, punch holes alignment, to actual inner dimensions.  



Leather Die Cutting

For manufacturing repeatability, leather are die cut from a leather die mold to create the shape of the product, complete with punch holes at precise locations.  With this process, the leather die is the heart and soul the controls the final form of the product.  



Edge Painting

Raw die cut leather edges are basically, well, raw.  To create a smooth sophisticated look, all die cut leather have their edges painted to have the fibrous parts sealed and unexposed.


Hand Stitching - Bruno

Hand stitching is a time-consuming process where every crossing of threads are done by hand.  Threads used in hand-stitching can be much thicker than when sewn with a machine, and do have a more custom look to it.  For the Blacksmith-Labs Bruno, every part of the holster is hand stitched using a 



Precise Machine Sewing - Barrett

Machine sewing is not necessarily lower in quality, but more like a different look and style.  With the Blacksmith-Labs Barrett, finer stitch lines is achieved using precise machine sewing, which gives a more smooth polished look in contrast to the raw look of hand stitched Bruno. 



The Finishing Touch

 The final touches required on the Bruno and Barrett are the attachments of the metal alloy belt clip and the button stud. 




Quality Assurance and Packaging

Prior to packaging, every Blacksmith-Labs leather holster is inspected in our Markham facility for damages, imperfection, metal alloy belt clip swivel and spring robustness, and more.  Only when everything is up to the stringent standard of quality would the holster be packaged in the Blacksmith-Labs retail box, complete with an exterior sleeve holding the box in place.