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Based on 363 reviews
Quality Product

Quality product long lasting, and worth the money......

Absolute value for money

Durable and understated, the Barrett has been my go-to for years. It's perfect for my job in the film industry, protecting my phone from the day's rigors while keeping it easily accessible — no velcro, snaps or clips to contend with. The case draws compliments, and I’ve recommended it to many a colleague.

My hope is that Blacksmith-Labs will update the Barrett for newer generations of iPhone. Though my 11 Pro worked with the X case, and my new 13 Pro (just) fits in the 8 Plus, I worry for future phones that current size options may not accommodate. Hopefully that day never comes!

Product is a great edition to my wordrobe, it looks great on my belt

Excellent Product

I’ve owned 2-3 of these and since the clip was upgraded to all metal it’s greatly improved. The oversize option makes a great fit for my iphone 8 with a slim case

Beautiful Case

My ostrich brown case is just lovely. The phone with a slim case fits perfectly. I just wish the clip was stronger. I see where it will work just great when attached to a belt. But it does not work well when attached to a waistband. It falls off easily because of its weight. I would be so much more pleased if it worked on a waistband, too. But if you wear a belt, this case is for you.

Great holster

Beautiful leather and great protection for your phone. I always choose Blacksmith Lab holsters. I have had 4 different iPhones in the last 10 years and the holster has kept my phone as new. I highly recommend this holster!

Good Quality But Expensive

good quality but expensive

Good overall case poor customer service

The case is very well made but does come off from my belt if I bend way down to pick something up. The communication was terrible. I tried to reach out by telephone and email and was never answered. Order was delivered in specified time though.

Brown Leather - Barrett 2017 Holster Case for iPhone 8 Plus
Frank Lanava

Call or email me, the case is too small. Returning it today, March 4th to get the $169.95 case in the Mezzano size. Very difficult to reach you by phone and email, thanks, Frank Lanava

Great case

I love this case. This is the 2nd one I ordered. There is only one problem i’ve found, I ordered the wrong size and have been unable to reach someone so I can return the item and order the cord size.

Black Croc Embossed Leather - Barrett 2017 Holster Case for iPhone 8 Plus
Holster for iphone 8 plus

I give it a 4 star. The flap is not that accurate with lining up with the magnet.

Havana Brown Leather Holster Case for iPhone X

I am very please with this holster case for iPhone X.. I have purchase over 6 for the holidays and before for birthdays gifts.
It has been a "Talk Piece" to every person I have gifted to.
Thank you.

Black Leather - Barrett 2017 Holster Case for iPhone 8
Robert Keltie
Great iPhone Holster

This is a extremely well crafted holster. The leather is of high quality and the stitching is well done. Another outstanding aspect is the clip, which securely attaches to the belt and absolutely prevents the holster falling off.

Top Notch iPhone Cases

The iPhone cases have become a "Talk Piece".. They will make a pretty nice statement when gifted.

Perfect Holster

This phone holster really has no equal on the market today. Outstanding quality, great look. I couldn’t be more pleased

Very good!

The case is well made. Strong and sturdy and stylish.

Black Croc Embossed Leather - Barrett 2017 Holster Case for iPhone 8 Plus
Bibi Assaad
Best holster in the market

Five Stars

Upgrade to I phone 8

I have had Blacksmith - Labs holsters, brown and black, previously. I eagerly looked forward to this upgrade for new phone. I have not been disappointed with the excellent workmanship, delivered in a beautifully finished product.
When I receive your holsters I am reminded of the saying : "In the race for excellence , there is no finish line..."

Barrett Brown Holster

This is by for the best phone holster I have owned. High quality and the new all metal clip mechanism is the best I have seen. Thank you for the high quality product.

Worth every penny.

Exceptional design and execution. Would prefer the magnetic latch were a bit stronger, otherwise I wouldn't change a thing.

Almost great

I have actually purchased multiple holster cases from Blacksmith-Labs over the years. Most of the time I actually prefer the Bruno style due to its simplicity. However, it doesn't look like they make those anymore. I still have a Bruno from when I had the 8 Plus, however, so I'm using that and alternating with the Barrett.
The Barrett is built well, obviously (as is everything Blacksmith Labs makes). It sits snugly in the holster. But the magnet seems a bit weak, and I worry if the holster loosens over time with use that the phone might slip out somehow.
In reality, this is highly unlikely. But it's just a feeling, and I'm constantly checking to make sure the flap is closed. I think it's mainly because when it *is* closed, there's very little feedback to show it's in place.
In general, a great purchase and the clip is perfect as always. But if they switched back to post-and-hole or a larger magnetic post it would be 5 stars.

Better Every Time

I started using Blacksmith-Labs' holster for my iPhone 5. As I upgraded my phone I also went to the new Blacksmith-Labs' holster when ever the phone size changed. I have had a few problems along the way but Blacksmith-Labs' sent me a free holster ever time I broke one so of course I have stayed with them. My new Holster for my Xs with slim case is great. It fits perfectly, the new clip is the best on the market and the magnetic latch is just right, it never comes open on it's on but it's easy to open or close. I'm sure I will be staying with Blacksmith-Labs as my phone continues to change.

Black Croc Embossed Leather - Barrett 2017 Holster Case for iPhone 8 Plus
Pete Roberts
Great Product - Also fits new iPhone XS Max!

The quality is great. The case is rugged but has a luxurious look and feel. The flap locks down automatically - just let it go after inserting the phone. This case fits the new iPhone XS Max perfectly!!

Magnetic Closure Too Weak!

Excellent Leather and the belt clasp is super strong - but the magnetic closure is far too weak. Lost my $700 cell phone out of my BLACKSMITH - LABS Holster at the local Sam's store - due to the magnetic closure popping opening and allowing the phone to fall out when I was loading groceries into my truck. Fortunately It was found by an honest man & returned. Presently - I have the holster in my Leather Craftsman Shop & he will install a stronger metal closure for me. I also believe sewing Velcro tabs on the lower edge of the holster flap could also greatly improve the holding power of the weak magnetic closure. The job of a cell phone holster is to keep the cell phone safe - but the magnetic closure is too weak to reliably do that job!