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Why Your Smartphone Is Heating Up and What to Do About It

Every phone heats up. Regardless of what type of phone you possess, heating up is a normal behavior and procedure. The definitive heat source that produces heat in cell phones is the battery that tends to overheat when it’s pushed off limits. For instance, a battery is likely to work harder when you’re watching a video or are on a call than when it’s left idle. If the battery turns hot more often and drains down, then you have a defective battery; however, if that’s not the case, then, look around and find out what is causing your smart phone to overheat.

A draining battery is never good. There are a number of reasons due to which cell phones get hot and this can happen as a result of the controllable and non-controllable factors. Read below to uncover some reasons why a smart phone heats up and how you can go about cooling it down:

Turn Off Apps That Consume Excessive Battery

There are a number of things that we commonly overlook when our cell phones are not being used or kept idle. Closing maps and turning off the signals are a few of them. By doing so, we are preventing the cell phone from functioning when not being used; as a result, the battery is prevented from being drained. Furthermore, there are a number of battery-conserving apps on Android and Apple stores that can be downloaded to aid the process.

Lookout for Runaway Processes

There are many instances where you download an app and it gets tumultuous, starting to consume the storage space and CPU processes needlessly. One of the main reasons why an app functions in such a way is that it is written in the following manner. However, you don’t realize the fact that it’s not only consuming the CPU process but also the phone’s battery. Watch out for such apps and make sure they are removed from your cell phone to prevent it from overheating and malfunctioning.

Take It Out Of the Case

This is the ultimate backup solution that you can take on when your phone heats up. Many times, the case of the cell phone is such that it traps in heat and causes the phone to heat up even more. Such cases are not breathable and insulate heat, causing harm to the phone’s internal system. If your phone is getting hot, take it out of the case and allow it to cool.

In case your phone overheats to an extent that it shuts down and crashes unwillingly, then get it replaced under warranty. Nonetheless, if it gets hot to the point where you can’t handle it, make sure you follow tips stated above so that your phone is not taxed beyond its capacity.

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