• 3 Ways to Wear your Blacksmith-Labs Leather and Metal Alloy Belts
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3 Ways to Wear your Blacksmith-Labs Leather and Metal Alloy Belts

Perfection is in the details. Those small, very intricate details that we mostly miss out on. Like your choice in belts. The kind of belt you choose are an integral part of your attire; so much so, that it has the ability to either make or break your outfit.

Ready to up your belt game?

Keeping in mind the huge demand for leather belts, Blacksmith-Labs have decided to shed light on ways you can wear our signature metal alloy belts and make heads turn!

Metal and leather have been used together by mankind since ancient history for their functional and aesthetic properties. At Blacksmith-Labs, we have graduated this concept and molded it along contemporary lines to give a futuristic appeal to the product.

Let’s see how you can wear these belts in various social events and make a style statement!

Formal Social Gatherings

Okay, so you’re attending a wedding right after you have returned from a fantastic holiday; you look anything but formal. Blacksmith-Labs to the rescue! Our belts are easy to wear and care for, so don’t be afraid of stuck buckles and frozen flaps. Choose one of our leather and metal alloy belts and complete the look with a pair of patent pumps and a lux jacket: dapper!

Casual Hangouts

Casual hangouts are where you express yourself the best. Whether it is a Christmas party at your mom’s, or a movie screening, you have to look your best! It’s time for you to be entirely you so don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Wear this leather and metal alloy belt with your suede plimsolls, a pair of khakis and navy pleads, and you are good to go!

Chic Office Wear

Dressing for office can get boring; it’s the same routine; you see the same people every day; and the list can go on until world peace is restored, but don’t you lose hope yet! Invest in Blacksmith-Labs belts to see how it enhances your boring outfit and raises it to the power of chic.

You can couple the belts with leather holsters and phone cases to give a synchronized look to your entire ensemble, and don’t be surprised if people flock to you for fashion advice! If you have any questions or suggestions, please click here right away to contact us. Our helpful customer service representative will get back to you and address the issue at hand. Also, feel free to explore our collection of belts and other accessories!

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    Alan Poon
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