• Blacksmith-Labs’ Design Philosophy: Minimalism
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    Alan Poon

Blacksmith-Labs’ Design Philosophy: Minimalism

Where the 20th century was overflowing with bold hair and bubblegum pinks, the 21st century is all about toning it down a few notches. Every façade of modern life, from what we eat to what we wear and how we choose to communicate, reflects this shift towards minimalistic ideals. This change, of course, didn’t come as a surprise, because with women partaking passionately in the work force and putting in long working hours, functionality triumphed over style a long time ago.

Blacksmith-Labs simply gives this functionality a twist of elegance and sophistication with beautifully designed and crafted mobile phone cases and holsters to keep your phone safe and easily reachable while adding a polishing touch to your personality.

Let us see how minimalism has helped Blacksmith-Labs in accommodating its clients’ needs efficiently.

Minimalism in Design

Gone are the days of impractical designs. Do you remember crystal studded sleeves for your flip phones? Well, that’s a thing of the past now. This is because those designs were impractical for daily usage, and today’s 9 to 5 workers need something more handy and easy to carry. Blacksmith-Labs has thus, brought streamlined designs in phone cases where any additional trinkets and gaudy colors have been totally removed to create a balanced and elegant option.

Minimalism in Materials

Tassels, beads, and Swarovski’s crystals were the rage when it came to phone cases in the past but not anymore! Blacksmith-Labs has modernized the age old companionship of metal and leather and has created flexible phone cases which fit easily into your pocket and bag. Only treated leather is used for this purpose with metal alloys, and not a stitch is left out of place to ensure good quality of the products.

Total Functionality

Blacksmith-Labs is all about steering away from the unnecessary additions. The customers have expressed satisfaction with the well thought-out designs because they can carry them just about anywhere, from the workplace to formal and casual gatherings.

We are proud to present our two wildly popular collections, Bruno and Barrett, which are intelligently crafted to address both aesthetical and functional palettes. For more information about our philosophy, our materials, and our product range, please click here to get in touch with our customer service representative, who will direct you to the right sources where you can find solutions and answers with ease.

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    Alan Poon