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The Dos and Don’ts of Proper iPhone 6 Care

After spending a huge chuck of money on your new iPhone 6, you would want to take all the necessary precautions to ensure it lasts. It is very easy to accidentally mess up your smartphone if adequate care is not taken. However, following some simple tips, like investing in premium leather cases for your phone, will help you keep your iPhone 6 safe.

The Dos

  1. Do keep your iPhone clean to protect it from dirt and dust.
  2. Do use lint-free soft cloth to clean it.
  3. Do keep it away from sharp objects that can damage the screen like keys.
  4. Do buy a screen protector for your iPhone, as well as luxury leather phone cases to protect the body from damage. Ideally, the cases should be soft on the inside and hard on the outside to minimize the likelihood of damage.
  5. Do back up your data regularly to avoid losing important information in case of any damage/data loss.
  6. Do keep away from liquids.
  7. Don’t keep your iPhone in your back pockets while sitting or wearing tight jeans. These smartphones have the tendency to bend.
  8. Don’t charge it in a microwave. You read it right. A myth has been circulating the internet that a smartphone’s battery can be charged when placed in the microwave for about 90 seconds! Don’t even think about trying this out with any of your phones unless you want to fry up the circuitry.
  9. Don’t get your iPhone 6 wet. Stating the obvious here, but some smartphones can actually handle exposure to water to some degree, but it can do irreparable damage to most other smartphones, especially iPhone 6. If you are using it for any outdoor activity like cycling or running, make sure you place it in a waterproof case.
  10. Don’t use abrasive paper towels, towels, cloths, or other such items to clean your iPhone 6 as it could cause damage.
  11. Don’t drop you phone on concrete! No phone would want to be dropped on hard surfaces or even less intimidating surfaces for that matter. You have to be extremely careful with your phone as it isn’t as strong as you would like it to be.
  12. Don’t use spray cleaners near the phone, and don’t any moisture get near its opening.

The Don’ts

No one wants to risk damaging their phone after spending so much on them which is why it is crucial to take good care of it. The iPhone 6 needs extra special care as a slightest bit of carelessness can cause serious damage to this smartphone. The biggest favor you can do to your phone is to buy a good quality phone case for your iPhone as it can prevent against majority of the potential damages. Browse through a wide range of premium leather holster cases here.