Top 3 ways of Telling a Genuine Leather Product from a Fake One

When you think about leather, you imagine gentlemen smoking cigars. Leather is categorized amongst the most luxurious of materials to fashion products from. Be it lounge sofas, or phone cases, leather has its own charm and feel that no other material can offer. With such reputation to live up to, leather is painstakingly curetted and maintained under optimum conditions to finally craft a product from it. This is the reason why leather products are pricier than the rest in market.

Due to leather being expensive, many manufacturers and retailers resort to leatherette or faux leather; but let’s face it: there is no replacement for the real deal - original leather! Can you tell the fake from the authentic? Here are some tricks!

Look at the Labels

While it is the most obvious thing to do, looking at the label of the product can easily tell you if it is genuine or fake. If your product is fashioned from real leather, it will proudly announce so in product description, on the other hand, fake one will read ‘man made’.

Inspect the Edges and Examine the Pores

Authentic leather will always have rough and jagged edges, while faux leather and leatherette edges will appears smooth, highly polished, and foamy. Also, when you are purchasing leather products, closely examine the pores of the material. Faux leather will show even distribution of similar pores, while real leather will exhibit inconsistently placed pores.

Touch the Leather and Smell it

Yes you heard us right, put your senses to work! Depending upon quality, real leather will feel coarse, smooth, or anywhere in between. If the product has really smooth feel, or it has a plastic-like appearance, then you have a fake on your hand. If you are unsure about your own expertise, go to a reputable leather products store and examine their products. Smelling the product can give away its status. Real leather has a distinct smell which cannot be replicated by synthetic materials. It will help you if you smell both genuine and fake leather products to distinguish between the two.

At Blacksmith-Labs, we believe in honest marketing and genuine leather product crafting. If you have any questions or comments regarding our manufacturing processes, click here and our representative will be in touch with you!

Easy Ways of Caring for your Leather Phone Cases

Your leather phone cover got stained? Don’t worry! Cleaning leather is an easy task if you have an understating of the types of products to use to get the stain out. Leather goods are durable and easy on the eyes, but in addition to that, it is simple to remove stains, grease, and general build up of dirt. Because properties of leather are not same as other fabrics around your home, you are going to damage it if you wash leather with detergents. Always remember to test a small area before going in with a full cleaning routine, so that you know how the surface is going to react.

Here are a few cleaning and maintaining tips for you to follow if you want to keep your leather products shine bright and stay put!


Cleaning leather is an easy and fun task. Simply mix 1 part mild soap, like facial soap or baby soap, with 8 parts water. Ideally, you should use distilled water or bottled water for this purpose, so that you avoid hard water particles which can potentially stain your product. Pour this soapy mixture into a spray bottle and continue spraying on a microfiber cloth until it is damp. Make sure that you never spray directly onto leather product, as it can cause oversaturation in fabric. Now, gently wipe the stain by going with the direction of grain, instead of going against it. Once the stain has dissolved and the surface has dried naturally, wipe a pea sized amount of leather moisturizer to protect your product.

Caring and Maintaining

Caring and maintaining tips include using leather oil or leather moisturizer on monthly basis in order to keep your product as good as new. Also, make sure that your leather product is not in continuous exposure of sunlight, moisture, and abrasive chemicals such as bleach, as these external influences can de-pigmentize your product in patches. Make sure that you don’t keep your product folded and stored away for a long period of time, as it can cause creases which are hard to remove.

At Blacksmith-Labs, our leather products are adequately curetted and maintained for maximum comfort of the user. If you have any questions or queries regarding quality of leather used in our products such as belts and phone cases, click here and our customer service representative will get in touch with you.

3 Ways to Wear your Blacksmith-Labs Leather and Metal Alloy Belts

Perfection is in the details. Those small, very intricate details that we mostly miss out on. Like your choice in belts. The kind of belt you choose are an integral part of your attire; so much so, that it has the ability to either make or break your outfit.

Ready to up your belt game?

Keeping in mind the huge demand for leather belts, Blacksmith-Labs have decided to shed light on ways you can wear our signature metal alloy belts and make heads turn!

Metal and leather have been used together by mankind since ancient history for their functional and aesthetic properties. At Blacksmith-Labs, we have graduated this concept and molded it along contemporary lines to give a futuristic appeal to the product.

Let’s see how you can wear these belts in various social events and make a style statement!

Formal Social Gatherings

Okay, so you’re attending a wedding right after you have returned from a fantastic holiday; you look anything but formal. Blacksmith-Labs to the rescue! Our belts are easy to wear and care for, so don’t be afraid of stuck buckles and frozen flaps. Choose one of our leather and metal alloy belts and complete the look with a pair of patent pumps and a lux jacket: dapper!

Casual Hangouts

Casual hangouts are where you express yourself the best. Whether it is a Christmas party at your mom’s, or a movie screening, you have to look your best! It’s time for you to be entirely you so don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Wear this leather and metal alloy belt with your suede plimsolls, a pair of khakis and navy pleads, and you are good to go!

Chic Office Wear

Dressing for office can get boring; it’s the same routine; you see the same people every day; and the list can go on until world peace is restored, but don’t you lose hope yet! Invest in Blacksmith-Labs belts to see how it enhances your boring outfit and raises it to the power of chic.

You can couple the belts with leather holsters and phone cases to give a synchronized look to your entire ensemble, and don’t be surprised if people flock to you for fashion advice! If you have any questions or suggestions, please click here right away to contact us. Our helpful customer service representative will get back to you and address the issue at hand. Also, feel free to explore our collection of belts and other accessories!

Blacksmith-Labs’ Design Philosophy: Minimalism

Where the 20th century was overflowing with bold hair and bubblegum pinks, the 21st century is all about toning it down a few notches. Every façade of modern life, from what we eat to what we wear and how we choose to communicate, reflects this shift towards minimalistic ideals. This change, of course, didn’t come as a surprise, because with women partaking passionately in the work force and putting in long working hours, functionality triumphed over style a long time ago.

Blacksmith-Labs simply gives this functionality a twist of elegance and sophistication with beautifully designed and crafted mobile phone cases and holsters to keep your phone safe and easily reachable while adding a polishing touch to your personality.

Let us see how minimalism has helped Blacksmith-Labs in accommodating its clients’ needs efficiently.

Minimalism in Design

Gone are the days of impractical designs. Do you remember crystal studded sleeves for your flip phones? Well, that’s a thing of the past now. This is because those designs were impractical for daily usage, and today’s 9 to 5 workers need something more handy and easy to carry. Blacksmith-Labs has thus, brought streamlined designs in phone cases where any additional trinkets and gaudy colors have been totally removed to create a balanced and elegant option.

Minimalism in Materials

Tassels, beads, and Swarovski’s crystals were the rage when it came to phone cases in the past but not anymore! Blacksmith-Labs has modernized the age old companionship of metal and leather and has created flexible phone cases which fit easily into your pocket and bag. Only treated leather is used for this purpose with metal alloys, and not a stitch is left out of place to ensure good quality of the products.

Total Functionality

Blacksmith-Labs is all about steering away from the unnecessary additions. The customers have expressed satisfaction with the well thought-out designs because they can carry them just about anywhere, from the workplace to formal and casual gatherings.

We are proud to present our two wildly popular collections, Bruno and Barrett, which are intelligently crafted to address both aesthetical and functional palettes. For more information about our philosophy, our materials, and our product range, please click here to get in touch with our customer service representative, who will direct you to the right sources where you can find solutions and answers with ease.

Why Your Smartphone Is Heating Up and What to Do About It

Every phone heats up. Regardless of what type of phone you possess, heating up is a normal behavior and procedure. The definitive heat source that produces heat in cell phones is the battery that tends to overheat when it’s pushed off limits. For instance, a battery is likely to work harder when you’re watching a video or are on a call than when it’s left idle. If the battery turns hot more often and drains down, then you have a defective battery; however, if that’s not the case, then, look around and find out what is causing your smart phone to overheat.

A draining battery is never good. There are a number of reasons due to which cell phones get hot and this can happen as a result of the controllable and non-controllable factors. Read below to uncover some reasons why a smart phone heats up and how you can go about cooling it down:

Turn Off Apps That Consume Excessive Battery

There are a number of things that we commonly overlook when our cell phones are not being used or kept idle. Closing maps and turning off the signals are a few of them. By doing so, we are preventing the cell phone from functioning when not being used; as a result, the battery is prevented from being drained. Furthermore, there are a number of battery-conserving apps on Android and Apple stores that can be downloaded to aid the process.

Lookout for Runaway Processes

There are many instances where you download an app and it gets tumultuous, starting to consume the storage space and CPU processes needlessly. One of the main reasons why an app functions in such a way is that it is written in the following manner. However, you don’t realize the fact that it’s not only consuming the CPU process but also the phone’s battery. Watch out for such apps and make sure they are removed from your cell phone to prevent it from overheating and malfunctioning.

Take It Out Of the Case

This is the ultimate backup solution that you can take on when your phone heats up. Many times, the case of the cell phone is such that it traps in heat and causes the phone to heat up even more. Such cases are not breathable and insulate heat, causing harm to the phone’s internal system. If your phone is getting hot, take it out of the case and allow it to cool.

In case your phone overheats to an extent that it shuts down and crashes unwillingly, then get it replaced under warranty. Nonetheless, if it gets hot to the point where you can’t handle it, make sure you follow tips stated above so that your phone is not taxed beyond its capacity.

At Blacksmith-Labs, we offer our customers with unique luxury leather phone cases including premium iPhone 6 cases, iPhone 6 plus cases, Nexus 5 leather case, HTC one M8 leather case and much more. Email us at support@blacksmith-labs.com to get in touch!

To Buy or Not To Buy? Reasons Why Investing In a Good Quality Phone Case Is the Best Idea

You might think that the lovely premium leather case that your phone is encased in is purely for decoration, however this isn’t true. When it comes to good quality phone cases, there are a lot of reasons why people opt for them.

Reason #1: Drop Protection

No matter how careful you are, nothing comes even close to beating gravity and chances are that you must have dropped your phone at least once or twice during your stint with it. Although a good phone case will provide proper protection, how much the phone actually requires largely depends on its type and weight.

Android phones are built to be a lot tougher than their counterparts, the Iphone and can withstand the occasional drop as opposed to other phones. Leather cases in particular offer drop protection by simply allowing the users to hold to the phone tightly and adding in a bit of grip which is why investing in even a cheap phone case is sometimes better than not having one at all.  

Reason #2: Protection for Cosmetic Reasons

Admit it; a scratched screen or dented back is seriously off-putting and the value of the device goes remarkably down. Moreover, most phones have cameras in the back which is why don’t even think of taking pictures as they will come out awful. This is why people who have expensive phones should think of investing in a good quality, premium leather phone case.

Reason #3: Non Diminished Resale Value

Being a little obsessive over scratches and dents on your phone isn’t a bad thing, although an even more important reason to invest in a premium iPhone case is due to the increased resale value that the device will have once you are ready to sell it and upgrade to a new one. In fact putting your phone in a premium leather case will lower the chances of it breaking hence keeping the resale value intact.

As you can see, there are twice as many reasons for putting your phone inside a premium leather phone case as this is something that would protect your investment as well as maintain its presentation, without even trying.  

Some Tips to Keep In Mind When Buying a Phone Online

There are no two ways about the fact that online shopping has been a saving grace for people since its inception. Online shopping emerged as a dream come true for people that wandered around shopping malls and from store to store in search of their desired products at the lowest possible price. From clothes to cosmetics, baby diapers and what not; today, everything is purchased online with utmost convenience, ease, and satisfaction.

However things get complicated when you are looking to buy something as expensive and technical as a smart phone. Buying smart phones online requires meticulous attention to all the physical and internal features to avoid buying a low-quality piece. For people, it’s natural to have a tendency to benefit from special deals and discounts to save costs and avoid having an extra trip to the retailer. Since buying online lacks the ‘hands-on’ experience, some crucial precautions must be borne in mind when buying a phone online. Some of them are stated below:

Try the Model in a Physical Store

If you have wireless retailers situated within your vicinity, then visit a particular store and try the model you are willing to buy online in person. The last thing that you would wish to have in your hands is a smart phone that’s not user-friendly, is slow, and has a weak touch system. By doing so, you’ll have hands on experience of the phone you wish to buy before making the final purchase online.

Read the Shipping Policy Thoroughly

Make sure you carefully read out the shipping policy of the online store you are aiming to purchase from. Many times, the shipping charges are so huge that buying from a traditional store seems to be a relatively cheaper alternative. However, there are certain online stores that charge a flat shipping fee while others charge based on the destinations. Also, learn about the return & exchange policies and its dedicated time span.

Nail down the Phone’s Condition

There are websites that often sell used or refurbished cell phones alongside new ones. Make sure you are putting the right phone in the cart. If that doesn’t satisfy you, it’s best to ask for additional pictures of the product from different angles so that you can rest assured that the right product will reach your doorstep. Also, confirm that the phone comes in its original packaging and is sealed.

Avoid Buying From a Non-Reputed Seller

Nowadays, most people end up buying from an auction site primarily because it’s cheaper. However, it is important to bear in mind that auction sites have different kinds of sellers with different credibility and reputation levels. Avoid getting caught in the web of a thug seller by reviewing the seller’s feedback prior to purchasing from him/her.

Once you manage to buy a winsome smart phone, make sure you get hold of premium leather phone cases and holsters to keep them protected and secured. At Blacksmith-Labs, we stock the finest leather phone and tablet cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC, and LG. View our stirring range of LG Nexus 5 leather cases, premium iPhone 6 and 6 plus case and more.

Does your iPhone Battery Drain out Very Quickly? Here Is How You Can Make It Last Long!

We began to see and use our phones very differently after the iPhone was made available in the market. If you own an iPhone, chances are that you take extra care of it and have even invested in a good quality, premium leather holster case for your iPhone as well as other accessories.

There’s virtually nothing that your phone cannot do when it comes to entertaining, educating and keeping you socially connected with the world wherever the wind takes you. One thing that does annoy most people about their iPhone though is the short battery life that’s the result of using the device too much. Well, there are ways in which you can improve the battery life exponentially and make it last for a long time. All you have to do is:

Adjust Screen Brightness

You must have figured this out yourself. The brighter the screen of your phone is, the faster the battery will drain as the phone requires even more power to work. Although the iPhone comes with an auto-brightness and dimmer feature but you can adjust the screen according to ambient light levels as well.

Adjust Data Settings

Establishing and monitoring certain habits of usage can help to extend the life of your phone’s battery to a significant level. Adjusting data settings and push notifications can do wonders for the battery life, so a good idea is to turn off unnecessary push notifications on the phone.

Adjust Use of Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode

As compared to a data service, Wi-Fi uses far less battery power to send and receive data. So make it a habit to turn on the Wi-Fi whenever there’s a network available.

The phone will still continue to pick up a network even if an area is showing low or no network coverage. This constant attempt is one reason why the battery drains so quickly, therefore the next time you are on the move set the phone to airplane mode and turn it back to normal when the coverage is available.

It’s very easy to follow the above given tips but of course it would be even easier to invest in a leather premium case for your IPhone as it also greatly affects the battery life.  

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